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Keeping the music going at St Paul's

I am so lucky to have been able to continue singing during this pandemic, as I know many people have not been able to. Through my role as Leading Musician at St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne, I have been helping to stream multiple services from the Cathedral into people's homes each week since March. Although it is not the same as singing with a choir, which I miss dearly, it has been a great opportunity to learn some new solo repertoire. Highlights for me so far this year have been Howells' King David, Langlais' Missa in Simplicitate, Handel's If God Be For Us, and the world premiere of Joseph Twist's Missa COVID-19.

I have put a few videos from these services on my media page, but you can find them all on the St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne youtube channel.

#evensong #stpaulscathedral #livestreaming #singing

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