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Missing performing

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

I just came across this beautiful photo which was taken on March 6th this year. It was in the green room at the Potato Shed in Drysdale after our Homophonic! concert there as part of the Geelong Rainbow Festival. It has been such a privilege, and I have had so much fun, over the last few years performing incredible music written by queer composers with the Consort of Melbourne and 3 Shades Black. Every January for the last nine years Homophonic! has packed out the La Mama Theatre in Carlton during Midsumma festival, and this year we were going to tour to regional pride festivals around Victoria! We made it to Geelong and Daylesford but sadly the rest of the festivals have been cancelled.

We, and our fabulous leader Miranda Hill, will absolutely get Homophonic! up and running again in 2021, but I wonder when we will all be able to hang out in cramped green rooms like this one again...

#homophonic #midsumma #pride #geelong #singing #3shadesblack #consortofmelbourne

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